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Can you guess why you remain unable to complete your projects? This is simple, actually your framework of success is not completed. This needs proper planning, proper structuring, expert`s consultation, on job coaching, timely counseling sessions and proper termination. if you are facing trouble at any level, actually you are needing our C-services.


SCS provides shariah consultancy services for all business and non business institutions so that they can execute daily activities according to shariah. Moreover it helps institutions to develop sharia compliance framework either for their own satisfaction or for proper sharia certification by SECP in future. Some of our standard and economical consulting services are shown below


SCS provides coaching services when a client is unable to complete his/her projects according to his/her plan. We work with the client to explore the root causes of the failure and coach them accordingly. In such a case we don't involve in structuring and designing, instead we just provide coaching services for the clients plan. Some of our standard and economical coaching services are shown below:
Psychotherapist Writing Notes, Giving Diagnosis To Emotional Man Patient At Counseling Session, Free


SCS provides counseling services when the client is facing hurdles and unable to proceed. These hurdles may be from the partners, stakeholders and even from his own attitude and behavior. Proper analysis with a series of brainstorming sessions set the way forward.Some of our standard and economical counseling services are shown below:

Cause analysis

SCS provides root cause analysis sessions for the clients who are facing hurdles but they are not certain about the causes. After a couple of brainstorming sessions, the root cause and the way forward are identified. The client will have the option to have further engagement with SCS or to explore more relevant experts to resolve his issue. Some of our standard and economical root cause analysis services are shown below:


SCS provides coordination services for the clients for their dealing with another party. In such cases SCS designs a win-win agreement and communication process between the parties. Here SCS doesn't provide any expert service, we just make an effective coordination to confirm the targets in time without undue influence on both sides.Some of our coordination services are shown below:


SCS provides a range of calculation services, Some of our calculation services are shown below:

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    Sana Heaven 45/A/1 Mezzanine floor biscony Muhammad Ali Society Karachi
    GET IN TOUCHStandard Certification Services
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